International Youth Orchestra at Tokyo College of Music


東京音楽大学国際青少年オーケストラ 2021年9月 開講予定

 東京音楽大学(東京都目黒区 学長 野島稔)は、2021年9月より、日本国内のインターナショナル・スクールと私立学校、公立学校で学び、現在オーケストラの楽器を演奏している12歳から18歳までのすべての国籍の生徒を対象に、国際青少年オーケストラ(International Youth Orchestra、以下「IYO」)を創設する予定です。


 本学指揮教授であり京都市交響楽団 常任指揮者兼芸術顧問でもある広上淳一は語ります。「あらゆる社会がもつもっとも貴重な資源は、その若さです。若者にアドヴァイスをし、教育を形にするということは、私たちが心から誇りをもって行います。この活動が若者たちにとって、人生において特別なものとなることを願ってやみません」。

IYOへの応募に関する詳細は、 までメールいただくか、Web サイトをご確認ください。その他、東京音楽大学と大学のプログラムの詳細については、Webサイト をご覧ください。


International Youth Orchestra
at Tokyo College of Music

June 7, 2021

Tokyo College of Music has announced the creation of the International Youth Orchestra starting from September, 2021, the orchestra, the IYO at TCM, is open to all students from international schools, private schools and public schools who currently play orchestral instruments and are between the ages of 12 and 18 from any nationality.

The orchestra will rehearse at the Nakameguro-Daikanyama campus of Tokyo College of Music on Sunday afternoons from the beginning of September until the beginning of December in 2021. The orchestra is semester based and will continue from January to the beginning of May, 2022. The rehearsals will be run in English and Japanese to allow all participants the opportunity to understand the finer points in music. Applications will be open from June 8 to July 23, 2021 for the autumn semester.

The IYO will be run by the Conducting department and instrument faculty from Tokyo College of Music, ensuring a dynamic training ground for young musicians. One of the underpinnings of this project is to cultivate and foster a shared understanding between young people from various countries, through social and musical interaction.

“The most precious resource that every society has, is its youth,” said Junichi Hirokami, Professor of the Conducting department and Chief Conductor of the City of Kyoto Symphony Orchestra. “To be able to advise, sculpt, educate and mold today’s youth is an honor that we take seriously. It is my hope that we all can become part of something truly exceptional with an experience that will last a lifetime. “

Tokyo College of Music is a leading educator of music in Japan with one of the top orchestral programs in the country. Its award-winning faculty spans the world of music and the student body is made up of highly talented young musicians from Japan and many other countries, along with partnerships with other outstanding music programs in a dozen other countries.
The college has two locations, the Ikebukuro campus and the new Nakameguro-Daikanyama campus, both featuring concert halls, recording studios and a variety of other facilities.

For further information on applying to the International Youth Orchestra at Tokyo College of Music, please contact e-mail at or check the website For further information about Tokyo College of Music and its programs visit their website at

Tokyo College of Music

記事名:「東京音楽大学国際青少年オーケストラ 2021年9月 開講予定